Learn and Work at IGIER

At IGIER we always welcome talented students who are eager to engage in research activities and wish to learn how academic research develops. There are two ways to collaborate with IGIER scholars on their research projects:

Research Projects "On field" (Progetti sul Campo)
Through this activity a Bocconi professor involves a student exclusively in a research project to be carried out at a research center (or a department). This activity earns academic credits as a curricular intership. The duration ranges from 8 weeks (for Bsc students) or 11 weeks (for Msc students) to 6 months (maximum). The procedure of authorization and recognition as curricular internship is the same one as for the other internships managed by the Career Service at Bocconi.

Undergraduate students may participate in this type of activity at IGIER only after completing second-year courses (that is, from mid-May of their second year). For info and rules please read carefully Bocconi Career Service's guidelines for undergraduate students. MSc students may participate in this type of activity at IGIER only after completing first-year courses (that is, from mid-May of their first year). For info and rules please read carefully Bocconi Career Service's guidelines for MSc students.

Research projects "on field" are not labor contracts (as curricular internships, they are not paid). The main objective is to educate. They enable students to acquire valuable research skills and learn the continuously evolving and international world of academic research.

Notice that Italian law regulates the activation of research projects "on field". Hence, the activation may be sometimes blocked and communicated to the student even after the formal request for activation is sent by IGIER to the Career Service office. For this reason, IGER is not responsable for delays or cancellations of the internship requests.

Research Assistantships
A research assistant (RA henceforth) is a young researcher employed on a temporary contract by IGIER-Bocconi for the purpose of assisting in academic research under the supervision of a Bocconi professor who is IGIER fellow or affiliate.

Bocconi students may work as part-time or full-time RAs either during their undergraduate or MSc studies or in the year after their graduation (laurea). Tasks and duties vary depending on the research projects (theoretical or empirical), the skills the students are endowed with (e.g., software skills, language knowledge, academic background, etc), and the professors' research interests.

These activities are conceived as temporary labor contracts. Hence, requirements, fiscal rules, and compensation vary according to tasks and duties.

How to apply for Research Projects "on field" or for Research Assistantships
Bocconi students should send an email to igier@unibocconi.it in which they describe their interest in the subject of the message (e.g., YOUR NAME - application for Research Project on Field; or YOUR NAME - application for RAship).

In either case, students should attach a CV written in English. If you have any preferences for one or more research fields, you can send a brief presentation letter along with your CV.

IGIER staff will forward all applications to its fellows and affiliates. If any of them is interested in a candidate, he/she will contact the student to schedule a meeting. Once the student and the professor agree on how to set up the RAship or the research project "on field", the IGIER staff will process the administrative paperwork.