Completed Projects

The aim of this ERC Advance grant is to improve our understanding of the relationship between aspirations and socio-economic outcomes of disadvantaged individuals, in order to answer the question: Can we design policy interventions that shift aspirations in a way that is conducive to development?

We study six aspects for which social networks amplify and propagate inefficient failures through local interactions, because agents do not internalize the negative externalities that their local behavior have, and the network works as a multiplier in the propagation of failures, or as a constraint in the flow of information. Each project is theoretical, but has empirical applications.

What determines the extent to which a social norm influences individual behavior? And how do norms evolve over time? These are the general questions motivating this project. 

The project investigates four different types of risk and their impact on the economic behavior of individuals and households, including the implications for the design of welfare systems in aging societies.