2015 Seminar Series

 2015 IGIER Seminar Series

April 29 Kenneth Wolpin (Rice University)
  Estimating a Coordination Game in the Classroom: Accounting for Mathematics Performance of High School Students in Mexico
May 18 Silvio Micali (MIT)
  Resilient Mechanism Design
 June 8 Mark Machina (UC San Diego)

Analytics of Ambiguity Aversion 
 October 13 Veronica Guerrieri (Chicago Booth)
  House Prices and Consumer Spending
November 18  Pascaline Dupas (Stanford University) 
  Decentralization and Efficiency of Subsidy Targeting: Evidence from Chiefs in Rural Malawi
December 15  Orazio Attanasio (University College London)

Beliefs and Parental Investment
December 16 Alberto Alesina (Harvard University)