Political Economy of Power Relations

room AS01 and online on Zoom

Political economists want to understand conflict, electoral competition, special interest politics, regimes and institutional choices, and in all these subfields the term power appears frequently: power of countries, power of ethnic groups, power of interest groups, power of parties, power of the bureaucracy. Power is multidimensional and endogenous, and hence the standard theoretical and empirical analysis that takes a unified notion of power as an independent variable has led to wrong directions. By acknowledging that power is multidimensional and endogenous, and thereby studying the endogenous interactions between the different types of power, we can further significantly the frontier of political economy.

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The conference will take place in room AS01, via Roentgen 1 (Grafton building). Attendance in presence is reserved for Bocconi faculty and students, and will be allowed with Green Pass only. For more information and to participate in presence, please contact: igier@unibocconi.it

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October 14, 2021 - ZOOM LINK
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