RUD Conference 2015

RUD 2015 Bocconi University, Deutsche Bank Room (AS02)

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RUD is interested in theories of decision-making under uncertainty, asking how people make or should make decisions in the face of uncertainty. RUD is defined by question as well as method. It emphasizes formal, mathematical approaches to the problem, preferably at a level of generality and abstraction that can serve as a basis for a wide range of applications — both for concrete choice situations and for theoretical work in the social sciences. There is a special interest in the mathematical and philosophical foundations of theories, and, in particular, in axiomatic work. RUD is not wedded to a particular model or class of models, and it encourages new approaches to the problem, including models of bounded rationality. RUD audience is also interested in other methodologies such as empirical and experimental work, neuroscience or philosophical studies.
RUD meetings take place every year since 1997, see the history of RUD.

A Jaffray lecture was started in 2010 in memory of Jean-Yves Jaffray, who launched the RUD meetings.