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Off-Shoring and Productivity Growth in the Italian Manufacturing Industries

Number: 339
Year: 2008
Author(s): Francesco Daveri and Cecilia Jona-Lasinio
We study the relation between the off-shoring of intermediates and services
and productivity growth in the Italian manufacturing industries in 1995-2003.
Our results indicate that the off-shoring of intermediates within the same
industry (narrow off-shoring) is beneficial for productivity growth, while
the off-shoring of services is not. We also find that the way in which off-
shoring is measured may matter considerably. The positive relation between off-
shoring of intermediates and productivity growth is there with our direct
measures based on input-output data but disappears when either a broad measure
or the Feenstra-Hanson off-shoring measure employed in other studies are used

Keywords: Off-shoring; productivity growth; Italy's decline; Manufacturing
JEL codes: F16, F23, O4