Reading Group

The reading group has been organized by Marco Tabellini, former Visiting Student and now Faculty at HBS, since 2019. Meetings are typically held every three weeks, and are open to any student who may be interested to join.

The meetings involve either the discussion of papers from the political economy/applied micro literature or the presentation of projects by students or junior faculties (within and outside Bocconi University). The goal of the initiative is to get students exposed to cutting edge research in political economy, economic history, and labor, discussing together research ideas in a friendly and constructive environment.

Here is the list of seminars presented:

  • Mattia Bertazzini - "The Economics of Civilian Victimization: Evidence from World War II Italy" (with Michela Giorcelli)
  • Leonardo D'Amico - "The Real and Financial Effects of Capital Mobility. Evidence from the Development of the US Money Market" (with Maxim Alekseev)
  • Yuri Filippone - “Economic Reforms and Child Mortality: Evidence from Greece”
  • Adriano De Ruvo - "Exporting Autocracy: Chinese Trade Expansion and Democratic Retreat"
  • Martina Uccioli - "Workplace Flexibility and Gender Equity" (with Ludovica Ciasullo)
  • Gabriele Romano - "Economic Shocks and Hate Crimes: Evidence from Chinese Import Competition in U.S. Local Labor Markets"
  • Andrea Bernini - "The Voting Rights Act: Black Political Mobilization and White Counter-Mobilization" (with Giovanni Facchini, Marco Tabellini and Cecilia Testa)
  • Marcus Nagler - "ICT, Collaboration, and Science-Based Innovation: Evidence from BITNET" (with Kathrin Wernsdorf and Martin Watzinger)
  • Clemence Tricaud - "Gender, Electoral Incentives, and Crisis Response: Evidence from Brazilian Mayors" (with Juan-Pablo Chauvin)

For further information please feel free to contact