VSI Seminar Series 21-22

Students organize three VSI seminars on Applied Micro, Macro Finance and Micro Theory in which they can present papers/topics they're interested, and also invite profs to talk about their experience or research.

Here below you can find the list of seminars held in the spring semester of 2022 (updated weekly).

From Mad Men to Maths Men: Concentration and Buyer Power in Online Advertising (Francesco Decarolis & Gabriele Rovigatti)

08 February Applied Micro Federica Lupi (VSI)
  "How to run an RCT: The good, the bad and the last-minute changes"  
10 February Macro Finance Luca Zanotti (VSI)
  "The Power of Forward Guidance Revisited"  
15 February Applied Micro Filippo Paternollo (VSI)
  "From Mad Men to Maths Men: Concentration and Buyer Power in Online Advertising" by Francesco Decarolis & Gabriele Rovigatti  
11 March Micro Theory Tanvi Goyal (VSI)
  "Combinatorial Stochastic Processes"  
24 March Macro Finance Vaasavi Unnava (VSI)
  "Web 3.0: A New Free Banking Era"  
25 March Micro Theory Nicola Bariletto (VSI)
  "Dirichlet Process"  
31 March Marco Finance Simone Boldrini (VSI)
  "Monetary Policy Shocks Identification"  
6 April Micro Theory Pedro Oliboni (VSI)
  "The Problem of Threshold Selection in Extreme Value Theory"  
7 April Marco Finance Marco Gortan (VSI)
  "Modeling and detecting rational bubbles"  
8 April Applied Micro Tanvi Goyal (VSI)
  "Identity Politics"  
12 April Applied Micro Maria Cedro (VSI)
  "Ethnic conflict and preferences for redistribution"  
26 April Applied Micro Emiliano Sandri (VSI)
  "Self-employement" (thesis)  
10 May Applied Micro Ruyue Li (VSI)
  "Bidder Asymmetries in Procurement Auctions: Efficiency vs. Information - Evidence from Railway Passenger Services" by Stefan Weiergraeber and Christoph Wolf  

Here below you can find the list of seminars held in the fall semester of 2021 (updated weekly).

05 November  Applied Micro Tanvi Goyal (VSI)
  "Inter-generational Cultural Transmission"
11 November Micro Theory Laure Anique (VSI)
  "Discussion topics in micro theory"
 15 November Macro Finance Simone Boldrini (VSI)
  "The transmission channels of
monetary, macro- and microprudential policies and their interrelations"
16 November Applied Micro Yanduo Chen (VSI)
  "Would (dis)incentive schemes backfire and why?"
22 November Macro Finance Tanvi Goyal (VSI)
  "Central Bank Balance Sheet Policies and Climate Change"
26 November Micro Theory Gad Nacamulli (VSI)
  "On the optimality of privacy in sequential contracting"
29 November Macro Finance  Alessandro Dell'Acqua (VSI)
  "Departures from Rational Expectation Models"
02 December Applied Micro Filippo Raschia (VSI)
  "Populism and Identity Politics"