Bank of Italy's survey: The Balance Sheet of Italian Households


The STATA version of the Bank of Italy´s survey "The Balance Sheets of Italian Households" (1977-95)


The source ASCII files have been made available by the Bank of Italy under the following constraints that apply also to anyone is going to use the STATA files:

1) distribution must be free of charge, excluding also any sponsorship;
2) the author is requested to cite the source;
3) data cannot be given or used for purposes different from scientific research;
4) data processing takes place under the user´s own whole responsibility. The user can in no way involve the Bank of Italy, which must be cited only in the note:

"Processing of Banca d´Italia data, indagine sui bilanci delle famiglie italiane".

In order to allow the collection of references concerning the survey, please send copy of your work based on these data to the Bank of Italy at the following address:

Banca d´Italia
Servizio Studi, Divisione A.I.S.
via Nazionale 91
00184 Roma


The data set contain detailed information concerning:
- household composition
- education
- working status, working activity
- incomes (both for individuals and household) , savings, consumption and wealth
- home
from 1977 to 1995.

Other information (e.g. insurances, intergenerational comparisons, expenditures) are available, but not on a regular basis.
The wide set of variables and the large number of households involved makes this survey very useful for microeconometrics works, particularly from 1989. In fact, since 1989 panel data concerning a considerable number of households have been collected. However, the heterogeneity across questionnaires makes sometime difficult the comparison along time.
The original data provided by the Bank of Italy are collected by questionnaires given to selected samples of households. Data are stored in different files year by year, with the exception of the period from 1977 to 1983, in which they have been treated together, because the type of questionnaire and the criteria used in collecting data did not change over those years.
The aim of our work is to make available this data set in STATA format with documentation.

To reach this goal:
1) we read the original ascii files in stata format (.dta),
2) we verified the logical consistency of the data set,
3) we wrote a report on the problems encountered in the step 1) and 2) plus documentation.

Structure of the STATA data set

The structure is the same throughout the different years, even if the structure of data sets provided by Banca d´Italia from 1989 to 1995 is different with respect to the previous period (1977-1986).
For each year (or group of year as for 1977-83) we create two directories: origyear and endyear.
There is also a directory pub/panel concerning the panel data set from 1989 to 1995.

In bankita/year/origyear you will find:
1) the original files containing the data in ASCII format provided by the Bank of Italy.
2) the logical chain of files we used to revise the data set.

In bankita/year/endyear you will find:
1) the final data for each year (and together for the period from 1977 to 1983).
2) an explanatory text file called "bookyear.txt" in which there is a list of all the variables and related codes.


A basic knowledge of STATA software is required.

Further information

Original data set:
Giovanni D´Alessio

Stata files:
Antonio Filippin


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