Econometrics Spring Seminars 2007

Sponsored by IEP and IGIER

All seminars are held in ROOM 24 in Via Sarfatti 25, from 12.45 to 14.00 unless otherwise indicated.


Monday March 12
Silvio Rendon (ITAM, Mexico)
"Does Wealth Explain Black-White Differences in Early Employment Careers?"
Appendix      Figures

Monday March 26***ROOM 15, Via Sarfatti 25***
Francis Kramarz (ENSAE, France)
"Outsourcing, Unions, and Wages: Evidence from Data Matching Imports, Firms, and Workers"


Monday May 7
Christian Dustmann (UCL)
"The Effect of Expansions in Maternity Leave Coverage on Childrens Long-Term Outcomes" joint with U. Schnberg

Monday May 21
Rudolf Winter-Ebmer (JKU)
"The Effect of Unexpected Job Loss on Fertility Decisions"


Monday June 4***ROOM 23, Via Sarfatti 25***
Mark Schankerman (LSE)
"Identifying Technology Spillovers and Product Market Rivalry" joint with
N. Bloom and  J. Van Reenen