Macroeconomics Seminars 2002

2002 Macroeconomics Seminars


Tuesday, June 25
Mark Melitz (Harvard University)
"Exports Versus FDI" (joint with E. Helpman and S. Yeaple)

Tuesday, June 18
Charles Engel (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
"Expediture Switching and Exchange Rate Policy"

Tuesday, June 11
Marty Eichenbaum (Northwestern University)
"Why is Inflation So Low After Large Devaluations?" (joint with A. Burstein and S. Rebolo)

Tuesday, June 4        Time 13:00
Avinash Dixit (Princeton University)
"Trade Expansion and Contract Enforcement"


Tuesday, May 28
Marco Maffezzoli (Università Bocconi)
"Heckscher-Ohlin Business Cycles" (joint with A. Cuat)
(PDF file, 439 KB)

Tuesday, May 14
Vincenzo Quadrini (NYU)
"Stock Market Boom and The Productivity Gains of The 1990s" (joint with U. Jermann)(PDF file)

Tuesday, May 7
Fabrizio Zilibotti (IIES)
"Distance To Frontier, Selection and Economic Growth"  (joint with D. Acemoglu and P. Aghion)
(PDF file, 341 KB)


Tuesday, April 23
Gianluca Cassese (Università Bocconi)
"Simple Arbitrage Theory"

Rescheduled for Monday, April 15
Larry Christiano (Northwestern University)
"Monetary Policy in a Financial Crisis" (joint with C. Gust and J. Roldos)(PDF file, 538 KB)

Tuesday, April 9
Harald Uhlig (Humboldt University)
"What Are The Effects Of Fiscal Policy Shocks?" (joint with A. Mountford)
(PDF file, 1.01MB)


Tuesday, March 5, 2002
Gian Luca Clementi (Carnegie Mellon University, GSIA)
"Optimal Lending Contracts and Firms Survival with Moral Hazard" (joint with Hugo Hopenhayn)
(PDF file, 297KB)

Tuesday, March 12, 2002
Gianluca Violante (UCL)
"Capital as an Origin of Inequalities"

Tuesday, March 19, 2002
Michele Boldrin (University of Minnesota)
"Mortality, Fertility and Saving Decisions in a Malthusian Economy" (joint with Larry Jones)
(PDF file, 332 KB)

Tuesday, March 26, 2002
Kiminori Matsuyama (Northwestern University)
"On the Rise and Fall of Class Societies"
(PDF file, 213 KB)


Tuesday, February 26, 2002
Tito Boeri (Universita Bocconi, Fondazione Rodolfo De Benedetti)
"Preferences for Rigid Wages and Job Protection in Equilibrium Unemployment" (joint with Michael Burda)


January 15
Pietro Garibaldi (Università Bocconi and FRDB)
"Gross Credit Flows In The U.S. Banking Industry" (joint with Giovanni DellArccia)

January 22
Stefania Albanesi (Università Bocconi and IGIER)
"The Time Consistency Of Monetary Policy With Heterogeneous Agents"


Thursday, December 5
Alessandra Casarico
"Capital-skill complementarity and the redistributive effects of social security reform"
(Joint with Carlo Devillanova)

Thursday, December 12
Jaume Ventura (CREI, Universitat Pompeu and MIT)
"Bubbles and Capital Flows"

Thursday, December 19
No seminar scheduled


Wednesday, November 6 Macro Time: 14:30
Federico Sturzenegger (Escuela de Economa Empresarial/Dean Business School, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Argentina
"On the Endogeneity of Exchange Rate Regimes" (joint with E. Levy-Yeyati and I. Reggio)
(PDF File, 90 KB)

Thursday, November 7
David Laibson (Harvard University)
"Instantaneous Gratification" (joint with C. Harris)"(PDF File, 469 4KB)

Thursday, November 14
Alberto Alesina (Harvard University and IGIER)
"Fairness and redistribution: US versus Europe" (joint with G-M. Angeletos) (PDF File, 418 KB)

Thursday, November 21
Fabrizio Perri (Stern, New York University)
"Financial Globalization and Real Regionalization" (joint with J. Heathcote) (PDF File, 463 KB)

Thursday, November 28
Francesco Lippi (Bank of Italy)
"Optimal Control and Filtering in Linear Forward-Looking Economies: A Toolkit" (joint with A. Gerali)


Thursday, October 3
Marco Maffezzoli (IEP, Università Bocconi)
"Trade Integration and Growth" (joint with Alejandro Cuat)

Thursday, October 10
Francesco Daveri (Università di Parma and IGIER)
"The Twin Effects of Globalization" (joint with P. Manasse and D. Serra)

Thursday, October 17
Roland Benabou (Princeton University)
"Belief in a Just World and Redistributive Politics" (joint with J.Tirole)

Thursday, October 24
Anne Sibert (Birkbeck College)
"Credibility and Flexibility with Monetary Policy Committees" (joint with I. Mihov)
(PDF file, 314 KB)

Thursday, October 31
Ed Nelson (Bank of England)
"Monetary Policy and Stagflation in the UK" (joint with K. Nikolov)


Thursday, September 12
Kjetil Storesletten (IIES and Stockholm University)
"The Dynamics of Government" (joint with P. Krusell and F. Zilibotti)
(PDF File, 387 KB)

Thursday, September 19
Alberto Bisin (New York University and IGIER)
"Self-Control in Consumption-Saving Decisions: Cognitive Perspectives" (joint with J. Benhabib)
(PDF File, 300 KB)

Thursday, September 26
Roger Farmer (UCLA)
"Identifying the Monetary Transmission Mechanism" (joint with Andreas Beyer)