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The purpose of this project is to collect evidence on the sources of monopsony power in Italy and other European countries and to characterize their role in wage and working conditions inequality.

The project develops new theoretical frameworks to understand (i) the role of stabilization policies during persistent economic slumps and (ii) how the effects of those policies depend on the degree of heterogeneity in the economy.

Many financial assets trade in decentralized over-the-counter (OTC) markets, that is, there is no centralized marketplace and investors need to search for counterparties that are willing to trade.

This project details an important extension to the ERC Starting Grant 852526 awarded to the Principal Investigator in 2019, “Behavioral Foundations of Populism and Polarization” (POPULIZATION).

The project develops foundational tools in the organizational economics, given the uncertainty shrouding even the most promising research projects, information plays a key role in the organization of science.

This research proposal describes three projects that will advance the frontier of our understanding of the working of digital markets. It is motivated by the consideration that the lack of a comprehensive empirical assessment of the crucial phenomena in this area driven by the lack of data availability has been the major impediment to the research in this area.