Ongoing Projects


We develop new theoretical frameworks to understand (i) the role of stabilization policies during persistent economic slumps and (ii) how the effects of those policies depend on the degree of heterogeneity in the economy.

This project details an important extension to the ERC Starting Grant 852526 awarded to the Principal Investigator in 2019, “Behavioral Foundations of Populism and Polarization” (POPULIZATION).

The project develops foundational tools in the organizational economics, given the uncertainty shrouding even the most promising research projects, information plays a key role in the organization of science.

This project aims at evaluating an extended set of climate strategies in a scientifically robust way and has the potential to advance both the economics profession, as well as the policy dialogue among the many stakeholders –citizens, government and the private sector- who are called to manage the climate change challenge.

The augmented complexity of decision challenges (ranging from catastrophic risks to artificial intelligence) and their management call for a reunification of Decision Theory and Decision Analysis with the objective of mutual renewal and enhancement, permitting to take effectively into account multifaceted uncertainties and their multidimensional consequences.