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Room 11, Sarfatti Building
Are Managers Paid for Market Power?
Webinar on Zoom
The War Economy in Ukraine
Room 302, Sarfatti Building
Government Turnover, State Capacity, and the Implementation of Italy's PNRR
Room N35, Velodrome Building
From Micro to Macro: Firm Dynamics and Economic Growth
Velodrome Building - Room N02
Presentation of John List's New Book: "The Voltage Effect"
2022-2023 IGIER Seminar Series
Villa Orlandi Conference Center (Anacapri)
16th CSEF-IGIER Symposium on Economics and Institutions
Bocconi University
Scientific Conference and Tribute Event in Memory of Alberto Alesina
Sarfatti Building - Room 11
Competition Economics in the Digital Age: Privacy Protection & Antitrust
Velodrome Building - Room N04
The Optimality of Coarse Menus