Job Market spring 2003

2003 Bocconi Job Market Seminars


Monday, January 20     10.00-11.30     Aula N01
Harjoat Bhamra (London Business School)
"International Stock Market Integration: A dynamic general equilibrium approach"

Thursday, January 23     13.00-14.30     Aula N01
Fabio Fornari (Banca dItalia)
"The Estimation of continuous time models in finance through parametric and semiparametric schemes"

Friday, January 24     13.00-14.30     Aula N01
Helder Vasconcelos (Università di Toulouse)
"Tacit Collusion, Cost Asymmetries and Mergers"

Thursday, January 30     9.00-10.30     Aula N01
Maria Luisa Mancusi (Università Bocconi)
"Technological Specialization in Industrial Countries"

Thursday, January 30     11.30-13.00     Aula N01
Pablo Casas-Arce (Harvard University)
"Job Design and the Benefits of Private Trade"


Monday, February 3     13.00-14.30     Aula N01
Ulf Soderstrom (Sveriges Riksbank)
"How important is precommitment for monetary policy"

Wednesday, February 5    13.00-14.30     Aula N01
Marco Sorge (IDB)
"Lengthening the Maturity of Bank Loans to Developing Countries: the offsetting effects of government guarantees and capital requirements"

Friday, February 7     13.00-14.30     Aula N11
Serguei Zernov (McGill University, Canada)
"Dynamics of Trade and Price Durations of Currency Futures"

Monday, February 10     13.00-14.30     Aula N01
Antonella Trigari (New York University)
"Equilibrium Unemployment, Job Flows and Inflation Dynamics"

Thursday, February 13     13.00-14.30     Aula Zappa
Luca Sala (ECARES - Universit Libre de Bruxelles)
"Tracking Greenspan: systematic and unsystematic monetary policy revisited"

Tuesday, February 18     13.00-14.30     Aula N12
Arianna Degan (University of Pennsylvania)
"A Dynamic Model of Voting"

Friday, February 21     13.00-14.30     Aula N11
Karsten Neuhoff (University of Cambridge)
"Integrating Transmission and Energy Markets Mitigates Market Power"


Monday, March 3     11.00-12.30     Aula N28
Gino Gancia (MIT)
"Globalization, Divergence and Long-Run Growth"