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Working papers

IGIER fellows and affiliates publish books and articles in academic journals. Their current research projects are featured in the Working Paper series. 

2005 - n° 287
Pierpaolo Battigalli (University Bocconi)and Martin Dufwenberg (University of Arizona)
Keywords: psychological games, belief-dependent motivation, extensive-form solution concepts,dynamic interactive epistemology
2005 - n° 286
Massimilano Marcellino (Università Bocconi and IGIER)
Keywords: Business Cycles, Leading Indicators, Coincident Indicators, Turning Points,Forecasting
2005 - n° 284
Domenico Giannone (ECARES, Universit Libre de Bruxelles), Lucrezia Reichlin (ECARES, Universit Libre de Bruxelles and CEPR) and Luca Sala (IGIER and IEP, Università Bocconi)
2005 - n° 278
J. Ignacio Conde-Ruiz (Prime Ministers Economic Bureau and FEDEA), Vincenzo Galasso (IGIER, Universita' Bocconi and CEPR)and Paola Profeta (Universita' di Pavia and Universita' Bocconi)
Keywords: pensions, lifetime income effect, tax burden, politicoeconomicMarkovian equilibrium
2004 - n° 273
Kai Leitemo (Norwegian School of Management) and Ulf Sderstrom (Dept. of Economicsand IGIER, Università Bocconi)
Keywords: Knightian uncertainty, model uncertainty, robust control, minmaxpolicies
2004 - n° 270
Marco Da Rin (Università di Torino, ECGI and IGIER), Giovanna Nicodano (Università di Torino) and Alessandro Sembenelli (Università di Torino)
Keywords: Venture Capital, Capital Gains Tax,Public R&D Expenditure, Barriers to Entrepreneurship, Stock Markets, Public Policy
2004 - n° 264
Francesco Giavazzi (IGIER, Università Bocconi) and Guido Tabellini(IGIER, Università Bocconi)
Keywords: development, democracy, economic reform, growth
2004 - n° 256
Tore Ellingsen (Stockholm School of Economics) and Ulf Soderstrom (IGIER, Università Bocconi)
Keywords: Term structure of interest rates, yield curve, central bank privateinformation, excess sensitivity
2004 - n° 255
Matthias Messner (Bocconi University and IGIER) and Nicola Pavoni (University College London)
Keywords: Recursive saddle point, recursive contracts, dynamic programming
2004 - n° 254
Ester Faia (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and Tommaso Monacelli (IGIER, Università Bocconi and CEPR)
Keywords: optimal monetary policy, Ramsey planner, Nash equilibrium, cooperation,sticky prices, imperfect competition
2003 - n° 249
Pierpaolo Battigalli (Bocconi University, IEP and IGIER)and Giovanni Maggi (Princeton University)
Keywords: writing costs, contingent vs spot contracting, formal vs informal contracts
2003 - n° 247
Pietro Garibaldi (IGIER,Università Bocconi, CEPRand fRDB), Lia Pacelli (Università di Torino, LABORatorio R.Revelli) and Andrea Borgarello (LABORatorio R.Revelli)
Keywords: Employment Protection Legislation, Firm Size
2003 - n° 246
Matthias Messner (Bocconi University and IGIER) and Matthias Polborn (UWO and University of Illinois)
Keywords: Citizen-candidate model, political economy, private provision of publicgoods, wage for politicians
2003 - n° 245
Michele Polo (Università Bocconi, IGIER and SET) and Carlo Scarpa (University of Brescia and SET)
2003 - n° 240
Francesco Daveri (University of Parma and IGIER) . Paolo Manasse (University of Bologna andIGIER) and Danila Serra (London School of Economics)
Keywords: Globalization; Uncertainty; Trade and Wages; Wages; Employment; India; Training, Promotions, Labor markets
2003 - n° 237
Michael Artis (European University Institute and CEPR), Massimiliano Marcellino (Università Bocconi, Igier and CEPR) and Tommaso Proietti (Università di Udine and European University Institute)
Keywords: Business cycle, Euro area, cycle dating, cycle synchronization
2003 - n° 235
Anindya Banerjee (European University Institute), Massiliano Marcellino (IEP, IGIER, Bocconi University) and Igor Masten (European University Institute)
Keywords: leading indicator, factor model, model selection, GDP growth, inflation
2003 - n° 231
Alejandro Cunat (LSE, CEP, CEPR) and Marco Maffezzoli (IGIER, Università Bocconi)
Keywords: International Trade, Heckscher-Ohlin, Economic Growth, Convergence,Simulation
2002 - n° 222
Francesco Daveri (Università di Parma and IGIER) and Olmo Silva (European University Institute)
Keywords: Productivity growth, Total Factor Productivity, Information technology, Finland, Europe
2002 - n° 220
Alejandro Cuat (LSE, CEP and CEPR) and Marco Maffezzoli (IEP - Università Bocconi)
Keywords: International Trade, Heckscher-Ohlin, Economic Growth
2002 - n° 218
Laura Bottazzi (Università Bocconi, IGIER and CEPR) and Marco Da Rin (Università di Torino and IGIER)
Keywords: Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) Corporate disclosure Going public Stock markets Ownership Operating performance Accounting standards
2002 - n° 216
Massimiliano Marcellino (IEP- Bocconi University, IGIER and CEPR)
Keywords: European Monetary Union, Forecasting, Time-Varying models, Non-linear models, Instability, Non-linearity,
2002 - n° 213
Francesco Daveri (Università di Parma and IGIER)
2002 - n° 210
Alejandro Cuat (LSE, CEP and CEPR) e Marco Maffezzoli (Istituto di Economia Politica, Università Bocconi)
Keywords: International Trade, Heckscher-Ohlin, Business Cycles, Productivity Shocks
2002 - n° 209
Francesco Corielli (IMQ-Universita Bocconi) and Massimiliano Marcellino (Istituto di Economia Politica, Universita Bocconi, IGIER)
2001 - n° 203
Michael Artis (Dept. of Economics, European University Institute) , Anindya Banerjee (Dept. of Economics, European University Institute) and Massimiliano Marcellino(Istituto di Economia Politica, Universita Bocconi, IGIER)
2001 - n° 198
Stefania Albanesi (Università Bocconi, IGIER), V.V. Chari (University of Minnesota), Lawrence J. Christiano (Northwestern University)