Bocconi Job Market Seminars 2007

ROOM: N10, Velodromo (first floor), Piazza Sraffa
TIME: 13:00-14:30 
Room and time are the same for all seminars unless otherwise indicated


Monday, January 15th
Silvia Console Battilana (Stanford University, USA)     CV
"Uncovered Power: External Agenda Setting, Sophisticated Voting and Transnational Lobbying"

Monday, January 15th, TIME: 15:00-16:30
Klaus Schaeck (University of Southampton, UK)     CV
"Competition, Concentration and Bank Soundness: New Evidence from the Micro-Level" joint with M. Cihak and S. Wolfe

Tuesday, January 16th    
Simone Manganelli (European Central Bank, Germany)     CV
"Asset Allocation by Penalized Least Squares

Wednesday, January 17th    
Kasper Meisner Nielsen (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)      CV
"The Return to Pension Funds' Private Equity Investments: New Evidence on the Private Equity Premium Puzzle"

Wednesday, January 24th    
Francesco Ravazzolo (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, The Netherlands)     CV
"Bayesian Model Averaging in the Presence of Structural Breaks" joint with R. Paap, D.van Dijk and P. H. Franses

Thursday, January 25th    
Gilles Serra (Harvard University, USA)     CV
"Primary Elections or Smoke-Filled Rooms: A Theory of Endogenous Party

Friday, January 26th
Florin O. Bilbiie (Nuffield College, UK)     CV
"Endogenous Entry, Product Variety, and Business Cycles" joint with F. Ghironi and M. J. Melitz

Tuesday, January 30th    
Cristian Huse (LSE, UK)     CV
"Term Structure Modelling with Observable State Variables"

Wednesday, January 31st - CANCELLED
Martin Burda (University of Pittsburgh, USA)     CV
"Sieve-based Empirical Likelihood under Semiparametric Conditional Moment Restrictions"


Friday, February 2nd
Emanuel Monch (Humboldt University Berlin, Germany)     CV
"Forecasting the Yield Curve in a Data-Rich Environment: A No-Arbitrage Factor-Augmented VAR Approach"

Monday, February 5th    
Wioletta Dziuda (Princeton University, USA)     CV
"Strategic Argumentation"

Tuesday, February 6th
Ioan F. Olaru (Northwestern University, USA)      CV
"Disclosure, Contracting and Competition in Financial Markets"

Friday, February 9th
Debrah Meloso (California Institute of Technology, USA)      CV 
"Executing Complex Cognitive Tasks: Prizes vs. Markets", joint work with P.Bossaerts and J. Copic

Monday, February 12th
Weihua Huang (GREMAQ-University of Toulouse, France)     CV
"When Debt Is Bad News: Market Reaction to Debt Announcements under Poor Governance" joint with S. Zhao

Thursday, February 15th
Jeanine Thal (European University Institute, Italy)     CV 
"On the Signaling and Feedback Effects of Umbrella Branding"

Friday, February 16th
Daniel Monte (Yale University)     CV
"Reputation and Bounded Memory

Monday, February 19th TIME: 12:30PM, ROOM: N11
Hannes F. Wagner (London Business School)      CV 
"Public Equity Issues and the Scope for Market Timing"